Friends & Partners

Every year we are delighted to count on a great team of partners and friends. Without their helping hands it would be impossible to conduct an international trade fair of this size. Many thanks to everyone who is taking part in this great adventure!

Naturknall e.V.
The association for german natural winemakers and its members are strong supporters of the Weinsalon. Thanks for all those helping hands!

A huge 'THANK YOU' goes out to the team of Balloni for being a strong partner in difficult times. We are truly delighted and thankful to see the fruits of this alliance after we had to cancel the 2020 edition three days ahead of the actual event due to the COVID pandemic.

"We love food" is their motto and they are basically from our neighbourhood. The team around Jutta Landkotsch and Sebastian Zimmermann will prepare the four course menu for this years winemakers dinner. Thank you!

Frieda Funke
Frieda has been a faithful natural wine consumer for years now. Of course she is one of the founding members of Naturknall e.V. and supporter of the Weinsalon in many ways. She has helped conducting every fair from the beginning of its existence and is also designer of its logo and every years flyer. Dear Frieda, keep being so colourful. Thank you!

This company produces sustainable work wear since 2015 and this year, they are giving free apron to all the assistant of Weinsalon natürel.

Thank you for delivering fresh water.

Fleischerei Eckart
Thank you for the catering during the fair and for the destroy party!

Thank you for the bread!
Danke für das gute Brot.

The hostel is traditionally hosting some of our winemakers. Thank you for your hospitality!